My Natural Hair Wash Day Routine 2016



I decided that I want to take a break from straightening my hair. The heat from the flat iron can be so harsh at times. I noticed my hair was in desperate need of some tender love and care.

Sometimes I go through this phase where I love wearing my natural hair, but then I go back to straightening it because of the maintenance. I guess I would be considered a “lazy natural.” However, I am pretty close to finding an everyday routine to keep my hair moisturized, hydrated, and detangled. Taking care of natural hair is a lot of work! When I first went officially “natural” I was not dedicated or consistent. If anything, I was extremely impatient and tired of twisting, sealing, and styling everyday. Thankfully, I have gained more patience, knowledge, and understanding of taking care of my natural tresses. I have my wash day routine in perfect rhythm and the combined products keep my hair moisturized and hydrated throughout the week.


Pre-Poo + Detangling: In order to detangle my hair, help lift any dirt, and reduce breakage, I like to pre-poo with coconut oil. I separate my hair into four sections. For an easier application, I microwave the coconut oil for a few seconds and distribute the oil by finger detangling from my scalp to my ends. Once I am finished with each section, I like to use my Deman Brush  to make sure each section is detangled. I place a plastic cap and my Turbie Twist for about 30-60 minutes.


Shampoo + Conditioner: I’ll be honest. I am a product junkie, but the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo by Shea Moisture is one of my top 3 favorite shampoos. My hair feels moisturized, refreshed, and soft after every use. In the shower I rinse my pre-poo treatment with warm water for about 3-5 minutes and wash my hair with a nickel-sized amount of shampoo. During this process I still have my hair in four sections to make sure I thoroughly rinse and clean my hair. Depending on how much coconut oil I used to pre-poo, I wash my hair twice. However, I use less shampoo (about a dime-sized amount) to wash the second time (but this is very rare).

I NEVER DRY MY HAIR WITH A TOWEL. I always use an old t-shirt because it cuts down on frizz and keeps my hair moisturized in between the process. I love the Raw Shaw Butter Deep Condition by Shea Moisture because it smells amazing and my hair always feels soft, hydrated, and moisturized. Again, I split my hair in four sections and apply a generous amount of conditioner onto each section of my hair. I use a wide-tooth comb to detangle from my ends to my roots, twist, and clip-up my hair. After each section is complete, I place a plastic cap on my head and my Turbie Twist for about 1-3 hours.


Moisturize + Seal + Style: Once I thoroughly rinse out the deep conditioner with cool water, I dry my hair with a t-shirt and prepare to moisturize and seal my hair. I section my hair into four parts and apply a smoothing serum to cut back on frizz and breakage. I use the Sacred Tiare Smoothing Serum by Carol’s Daughter whenever I wear my hair curly or straight to protect it from sun exposure and to give my hair more shine. Next, I add in Cantu’s Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream. Over the years, I have found this cream to be the most beneficial product to keep my hair moisturized for days at a time. I love how this product does not weigh my hair down and the results are amazing. Plus it is inexpensive and it smells great!

In order to seal in the moisture, I like to follow up with an oil. For the most part, I typically use coconut oil because it is lightweight but very hydrating. Any organic coconut oil will do, but since Walgreens had the BOGO sale I could not miss out getting my free 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Shea Moisture. I apply the oil from my ends to my roots and create 2-3 twist per section. Lastly, I must show my edges love with the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Edge Treatment by Shea Moisture. I usually apply this product after every wash and co-wash routine. In the morning, I take down my twist with a little bit of coconut oil on my finger tips to ensure moisture and cut down on frizz and style my hair for the day.

I hope you found this helpful. What products do you use on your wash days? Comment Below!

With Love,




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