Who is Chat?

Chasity is my name but my friends call me “Chat.” I am not a huge fan of bios but I can mention a few things. First things first, I am a woman who can be fearful of taking risks at times, but I am trying something new here. Your twenties can be a confident but confusing time in life, but I am riding the wave and embracing every moment.

Randoms: My husband, family and my chiweenie are my everything. HUGE makeup hoarder. Coffee, tea, or chocolate is the way to my heart. I can never have too many books or candles. Foodie (also an obsessive brunch-er ).

What is LWC?

Essentially, lifewithchat.com is a combination of things I love such as inspiration, beauty, and lifestyle. I desired to create a blog (more so creative outlet) to share with my friends, family, and for those who relate. LWC is all about my interests in developing a healthy lifestyle (mental, emotional, and hopefully one day physical) while presenting a few of my beauty essentials. LWC is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Beauty:  Makeup videos/tutorials, product reviews, and skin care.
  2. Lifestyle: A cluster of posts dedicated to being the best YOU. I like to consider this as the section that encourages taking care of the mind, body, and spirit.
  3. Journey Journal: Honestly, this section is completely dedicated to whatever God places on my heart to write for LWC. At times these posts are random, but they are my personal favorite to write.


Stay Connected

You will be surprised how much we have in common. I am pretty active on social media, so let’s link up!

Instagram + Twitter: @chasitylenae


Thank You & Welcome to Life With Chat!