10 Healthy Habits for a Good Night’s Sleep

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Since I have graduated from college I have taken this time to coddle my mental, emotional, and physical health. These past five years have been rough with the overload of work and commitment to my academics, jobs, and organizations. It was rare if I was able to squeeze in eight hours of sleep and over time my body adjusted to four to five hours of sleep (which was terrible).

If this is you my friend, stop. The lack of sleep leads to so many health issues from high levels of stress to weight gain. It is crucial to get your eight or more hours of sleep. If you are anything like me you probably have a hard time falling asleep quickly or you may struggle with sleeping throughout the night. I have collected a few healthy habits for  bedtime and hopefully you will find them helpful.

1. Create a routine. Never underestimate the power of a routine. Creating a small bedtime ritual helps to wind down and prep your mind and body for the night.

2. Eat an early dinner. Going to sleep on a full stomach can lead to some discomfort. If you do eat dinner late try to go for something light.

3. Exercise/yoga. Apply your energy towards a good workout and your body will relax. Stretch and destress during yoga to relax your mind.

4. Put down your cellphone/iPad and pick up a book. There is something about looking a screen right before bed that keeps you up at night. Trade your electronic device for a book.Trust me, your notifications will be there in the morning.

5. Take a warm/hot shower. Soothe those muscles. Indulge in your new body wash that smells amazing.

6. Soften skin in soothing scents. Moisturizing your skin with a calming scent can make a world of a difference for a better night’s sleep. Adding a few drops of essential oils such as lavender or chamomile creates a serene ambiance.

7. Drink herbal tea. Because who doesn’t enjoy a hot cup of chamomile tea before bed. So relaxing!

8. Conceal those lights. Light pollution from electronics, street lights, alarm clocks, etc. can disrupt a good night’s sleep. Darkness helps produces melatonin. If you can’t avoid the lighting I suggest a cozy eye mask.

9. Have a light snack. Did you know there are snacks out there that induce sleep? Oatmeal, honey, almonds, cherries, dark chocolate, and bananas are just a few quick and healthy snacks to eat before bed.

10. Rest comfortably.  A comfortable bed is an investment. Make sure you are sleeping on a moderately soft and even bed. Gather you favorite clean pillows and fresh blankets. Add a few drops of essential oils in your sheets for a therapeutic night.

Sleep well loves.


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