My #GirlPower Playlist for Monday Mornings

and style

Oh, Monday! We can be friends. I promise to embrace this day with a positive attitude as long as my coffee is hot, my Lily planner is organized, and my iPhone is fully charged. But sometimes I need an extra boost for those rough less-than-4-hours-of-sleep-Monday mornings. While I prepare for a productive Monday I like to listen to upbeat music. Singing along to my favorite songs helps me to become energized and pumped for the day.

Over the past few months I created various playlists for different occasions. After a long and tough review of my #GirlPower playlist on Apple Music (which contains over 50 songs), I decided to share my top 10 songs that are usually in heavy rotation. Some songs are throwbacks while others are my current favorites. What songs are on your playlists?

Whether you are having a mini jam session as you brush your teeth or you are stuck in traffic, I hope you enjoy this playlist!


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