July Favorites: Old & New Goodies!

July Favorites (Insta)

Hi friends! Long time no blog! I apologize for my absence; however, I am back with my favorites from the month of July. I have linked a few of the products to for you to review and purchase. Let’s get started!

July Favorites

A. Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask | So, I got caught up in the hype and purchased this face mask and I must tell you I am very impressed. Let me tell you! I have SUPER SENSITIVE SKIN and this product did not irritate, burn, or cause any damage towards my skin. This mask clears my pores while leaving my skin moisturized and clean. Plus a little goes a long way so use sparingly! I purchased the 1.7oz bottle for “testing” purposes but please believe I am getting my hands on the 3.4 oz bottle next time!

B. Do All Things With Kindness (Positive Vibes Only) | This simple picture with a self- explanatory phrase makes me happy. As cheesy as it sounds, I love to fill frames with positive phrases because it benefits towards my positive attitude. My mother would always tell me “your attitude determines your altitude” as a child, so I do what I can to make my living space a happy and healthy place. I find all of my positive phrases via Pinterest.

C. Journaling is life. Life is Journaling. | Writing is so therapeutic. Don’t believe me? Try it. Since graduating college I have been going through so many transitions and changes, which brings so many feelings and emotions. Sometimes when I write things out I am able to understand, realize, and make sense of my situations. I was inspired to start journaling again after I read Adrianna’s blog post on 10 Ways To Relieve Stress And Anxiety (which btw you should check out her site 🙂 ). All in all, journaling has kept me sane in July and hopefully I can continue throughout the year! I bought my journal at Dollar General many moons ago but surely you can find an inexpensive stylish notebook 🙂

D. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream: Color – London | Oh how I LOVE this lip color for my everyday look. In fact, I am wearing this color in the picture above! While I enjoy wearing different bright and bold colors during the summer months, I wear this color literally 3 or 4 times out of the week 🙂 I always found myself gravitating towards this color all month long. Not the longest-lasting lip cream, but certainly a gorgeous color. Shout out to my friend Korri for introducing me to this lovely color!

E. Sinful Colors Professionals: Color – Endless Blue | Now usually I do not wear bold colors on my nails. I try to stick with neutral colors. Why? I am not sure. I have always been this way. But lately I have been in love with bold blues! Had to add this to my polish collection immediately. Endless blue has been on my nails all month long 🙂

F. Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray Oil Control | ATTENTION TO ALL OF MY OILY SKIN/OILY T-ZONE FOLKS: This spray is FOR YOU! During the summer months (actually all year long) I get extremely oily in my t-zone and my makeup begins to slide and melt away, but I have found a gem to stop my pores from producing so much oil while wearing makeup. This de-slick setting spray is amazing. I love  my NYX Matte Finishing Spray, but I think I love this spray a little bit more. I can go throughout the ENTIRE day without touching up my makeup in this nasty Tennessee heat.

G. L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara | I have the smallest and thinest eyelashes. No really. I do. But I am able to flaunt them at their best using the Miss Manga mascara. The brush evenly distributes enough product to give my lashes length, life, and love!

H. & I. Hand-Painted Owl Mug Designed By Yours Truly & Simply Balanced Organic Green Tea | If you know me well you know I LOVE COFFEE, but I have been trying to cut back on coffee and incorporate more tea. In fact, I have been sampling different types of tea to find my “perfect” everyday tea. I am in still on the hunt, but lately my taste buds have been craving a classic: green tea. Everyday I drink a cup (usually in the morning) and I feel refreshed and revived. Raw honey + light agave nectar + green tea = a hug in a cup. And of course I love to drink tea out of my hand-painted owl mug I decorated back in February.

What did you love about July? Have you ever tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments section!

Love Yourself,

Chasity Lenae


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