6 Strategies to Practice Gratitude

6 Strategies to Practice Gratitude

Gratitude seems like such an easy expression to practice; however it can be challenging at times. Although expressing appreciation of gifts and blessings is an organic human response, we are distracted with our modern everyday life filled with many responsibilities. Thus, making it incredibly easy to neglect the significance of gratitude.

We must make a conscious effort to practice gratitude. It is an essential self-healing testimony and graceful experience. The power of forgiveness, love, and wisdom lives within gratitude. Once we begin to consciously practice gratitude overtime, we can identify the beauty of gratitude and manifest all of its amazing characters such as appreciation, compassion, and generosity (just to name a few).

Incorporating gratitude cultivates a new attitude. Cheesy, I know, but it is certainly true. A grateful attitude can lead towards a healthier and happier life. Here are six strategies to help us out.

Say “thank you.”

Simple right? This common expression of gratitude can easily brighten someone’s day. Whether someone held the door open for you or shared a laugh with you, take the time and practice gratitude and say “thank you.”

Send a note.

A few simple encouraging words expressed through a note can bring cheer. It just feels great when someone takes the time to tell you something positive. Sometimes I send encouraging text messages to my friends and family just to remind them that they are phenomenal people. Send good vibes people!

Take 5 and write it down.

You know those moments when you find yourself feeling super frustrated, annoyed, and kinda crabby? Take 5 minutes to breathe, relax, reflect, and write. Most importantly take this time to refocus. Write out the best part of your day or a moment in life that brings you joy. You can keep up your writing with a journal or a jar filled with your favorite memories (the jar is my personal favorite).

Watch your mouth. 

Guide your words and thoughts with uplifting, positive, and intellectual conversation. This will make a world of a difference. #TeamNoComplaining

Connect with Mama Nature.

Sometimes fresh air does the trick! It is something about nature that introduces this essence of serenity, tranquility, peace, and beauty. We are able to think clearer and be in bliss of what we are grateful for despite our situations. Take a walk, plan a picnic, or sit and dine outside of your favorite restaurant. You’ll see what I mean.

Be in the present.

This is probably the most challenging tip to follow because we are so distracted. Don’t you know that gratitude lives in the present moment? Sometimes we need to put the phone down and start interacting with those right in front of us. This is how we make the best memories and understand the importance of gratitude.


Keep in mind that there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for, but I’m not just talking about material possessions. Take a look around you and take a long look at yourself. Dig deep into your soul. Focus on who and what you are grateful for and why. You will end up counting more blessings than you think.

Stay Encouraged,



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