Why Are You Feeding Your Fears?: Casual Thoughts at 4:16 AM


Life is all about adventure right? We live and we learn. We grow from situations and become wiser. But sometimes in certain situations or circumstances we ignore and neglect the journey of growth and wisdom by feeding our fears. I am not talking about the fears that warns us from doing something reckless, but the fears that prevents us from doing what your heart and soul desires. The type of fear slides in our spirit and tells us we are not good or worthy enough. The self-doubt that strolls upon us in the middle of the night (like me right now). Fear is a bully. An audacious bully that creates havoc over our well-being.

It is important to note that fear paralyzes us in many forms. The mind and heart are in constant conflict which can cause our souls to be in limbo. Spiritually, we won’t move (and sometimes physically). Fear travels to our spirit and we began engage in self-doubt, self-neglect, and even self-hate. Our visions are shattered. We become disconnected, defensive and overly critical. And let’s not forget how we compare ourselves to any and everyone. We’re stuck.

One of my favorite people in the world told me “You’re perspective is your reality.” I promise that sticks with me everyday. When we feed our fears we create a path for fear (the bully) to come inside our world and damage our constructive perspective (reality). Does that make sense? We allow fear to dominate our life through everyday scenarios. Something as small as not trying a new drink at your favorite coffee house because you are afraid it will “taste nasty” stops you from the “adventure” we call life. Maybe not that extreme, but hopefully you get my point.

Try that new drink. Talk to that person you are nervous to speak to (you never know 🙂 ). Study for your test because you will pass it! L-O-V-E LOVE! Do not allow folks who have hurt you before cause you not to love again. Take those classes and get your degree. Buy the shoes. I have to mention it again, BUY THE SHOES 🙂 . Forgive. FORGIVE. Move to your dream city/state. Travel to the foreign country that you’ve been dreaming about. Live my friends, LIVE.

Believe it or not, we all have a purpose in life; however, if we feed our fears it may cost us endless opportunities. Of course their will be rough times. We will want to give up. I can’t promise you an easy ride but I can assure you that character will grow and develop. Strength and wisdom will come through along with optimism and priceless memories.

All in all, when we find ourselves feeding our fears it is essential to take lead and action by redirecting our perspective towards a successful and blissful reality. Keep going and be encouraged my friends!



3 thoughts on “Why Are You Feeding Your Fears?: Casual Thoughts at 4:16 AM

  1. I have to learn to forgive and not hold grudges. Sometimes I do it and not realize that I am doing it. Instead of talking it is easier to just ignore and shut the world off. This article has made me more aware and I will work on facing that BULLY!

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I tend to hold grudges but I’m working on forgiving those who have hurt me. It is easy to shut them out and move along, but then I think about how the scars will heal. I forgive to heal the scars. Surely it’s not easy, but it’s better than carrying the pain. Thank you for reading 🙂


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