10 Signs You’re 25 and Older

I am 24 and I can definitely relate to all of these reasons! Check it out!


Well my birthday was yesterday and all I can think about is “WOW I’m 26…….” This may seem like an insignificant number to some but my aunt died this past weekend and her funeral was held on my actual birthday. Life has a funny way of showing you things, and her passing made me appreciate another year here on this earth and being able to celebrate another day of life…..enjoy the time you have! You only have one beautiful,wonderful,exciting chance at life. Live more, laugh more,love more, adventure out, let go of fear and live your life! Even when life gets mundane be happy to breathe another day! With that being said……..

 Here are 10 signs you might be 25+!

10. What The Hell is a “Fleek” ?

It’s certain terminology that your just not going to be up to par on and you’re damn sure going to avoid ever…

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