Mindful Living: Why You Should Keep A Gratitude Journal


I was on Snapchat a few days ago exploring the stories of my friends and I came across an interesting snap. One of the sweetest people I know decided to share 5 things she was grateful for on her story. Immediately, I told her how much I loved her idea, but it reminded me of how I used to practice gratitude on a consistent and daily basis. Right then, I began to reflect on the difference between now and then.

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6 Ways I Tackle Stress and Anxiety



Right now I am in a season of discomfort and pressure; however, I know this season is  all about my growth. Maintaining my faith has been challenging, but all in all there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I guess you can say I am somewhat in the meantime phase, meaning that I am withstanding test and trials of life while working towards healing. In the midst of this hectic journey I do what I can to manage stress. Certainly, life is not easy and I do not believe it was intended to be. However, I do believe it is essential to take care and be kind to ourselves. Sometimes my anxiety takes over and crushes my spirit and drive, but I am on a mission to tackle it with plenty of education, tips, and self-love (as cheesy as that sounds 🙂 ).

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