SZA + Ctrl Review

So, why didn’t you tell me about SZA?! I have seen her name floating around social media a few years ago and on Spotify’s Alternative R&B playlist.  Her new album “Ctrl” was released on June 9th and I can not get enough of her music. I found myself relating to almost every other verse. I know, I know, we say that we can relate to many artists and their music, but there is something about SZA’s album that really encompasses my past and present. Ctrl is honest, vulnerable, fearless, poetic, and bold. I admire SZA’s confidence, vulnerability, and self-awareness. You probably will not need to skip a track, but below I have listed my favorite tracks and verses.


Drew Barrymore ••• “I get so lonely, I forget what I’m worth – We get so lonely, we pretend that it works”

Prom ••• “Fearin’ not growin’ up – Keepin’ me up at night – Am I doin’ enough? – Feel like I’m wastin’ time”

Garden (Say It Like Dat) •••  “Love me even if it rain – Love me even if it pain you – I know I be difficult – You know I be difficult – You know it get difficult to…”

Broken Clocks ••• “Better day than yesterday (ooh, oh) – I just take it day by day (ooh, oh, oh) – Never hearing what they say (ooh, ooh) – I just do it my way”

We can not talk about SZA and not mention her aesthetic. It’s everything. 15538560_1313657811988577_1566185074599133184_n15623888_554372641434664_8785837778471485440_n15035022_1722800904705512_8314355205227413504_n15876071_360341741016084_6671614198297919488_n

SZA for the win in regards to my summer ’17 playlist. I regret not listening to her music prior to Ctrl. Yes, I am late to the game, but I am looking forward to hearing more of her music!

Take care,

Chasity Lenae