Overcoming My Rut Phase + 7 Tips


Overcoming My Rut Phase + 7 Tips

There are times in life where we just feel stuck. Whether it is our career, personal goals, or our emotions, it seems like we are not going anywhere. We become stagnant and we do not move. 

A few months ago I began to feel stagnant. I had so many ideas and plans but I lacked desire and drive. It’s like I was aimlessly wandering and I felt so…blah.  I found myself in limbo but from time to time I would muster up enough energy to get things done. It was a rough time and I knew I could no longer continue the doleful cycle.

A few days ago I woke up with a desire to get back to what originally launched my motivation. Reflecting, I realized that I was so caught up in the logistics of how my plans and ideas were going to be met. My focus was on all the details and the specifics, which was causing me to miss the bigger picture and become stagnant.

Sometimes we become so wrapped up in ourselves that we forget to stop, reflect. We also forget to dream and then we lose sight of our purpose. It’s like we are standing so close to a painting observing the details that we forget to step and view the actual art of the painting (does that make sense?)

Step back, reflect on what/why inspires you, and dream in it. Everything will align on time as long as you work towards it one step at a time. If you are anything like me you become overwhelmed and leave things alone, but we must let that habit die. Now is the perfect time to stimulate your spirit and rejuvenate your energy. 

I wanted to leave you with a few personal tips that have helped me overcome my “rut phase.” 

  1. Get rid of clutter in your home and incorporate inspiration. This aids in sparking new ideas, practices, and perspectives.
  2. Take a break from social media and the internet. Connect with friends and family face-to-face or over the phone.
  3. Give back and volunteer on your day off.
  4. Open up your heart and forgive.
  5. Exercise the mind and body by exercising or practicing yoga.
  6. Create a special space in your home to mediate, relax, and focus.
  7. Participate in a new activity that involves connecting with people that share similar interest.

I hope this was helpful and thank you for stopping by!

With Love,


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